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Your time is now.

  • Practice asana, pranayama, and meditation techniques that are dynamic and transformational.

  • Learn how to effectively teach others in a way that is nurturing for the whole being.

  • Study Yoga's history, as well as modern yoga theory as it has evolved over the centuries.

  • Explore physical anatomy and alignment with adaptation of yoga postures for each student.

  • Approach the art of creating yoga classes for people with specific considerations.

  • Engage in independent study that enriches your entire life—your practice, relationships, and life's purpose. 

  • Expand experientially through your community practicum and yoga seva projects. 

The 200 hr. Inner Power Yoga® curriculum provides four long weekend immersions which approach progressive stages of development thorough physical alignment, asana sequencing, yoga history, meditation, and yoga practice theory. Experiential learning and contemplative study offer each participant an opportunity to develop tools for optimal self-care and personal enrichment.  


As a teacher training, the program will give you the tools to present a yoga practice that is adaptable to each individual, providing the skills required to share the practice and teachings of yoga in a manner that is authentic, inspired, and inclusive.  


Participants will learn how to create dynamic asana sequences and thoughtful class themes, as well as the essential ingredients of yoga mythology and philosophy to deepen their practice and teaching. With these skills, students may reach their highest potential as teachers.  


Realize, Experience, and Celebrate your inner power.  

BE the change you wish to see in the world



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